Auckland Art Gallery

Katie Lockhart Studio was invited by the Auckland City Art Gallery to help design the space for the exhibition ‘Printing the Pacific’ , in collaboration with curator Matthew Norman. The exhibition was located in the Upper Grey Gallery, in the original part of the now-modernised City Art Gallery. A tricky space with a balcony revealing an atrium below, the challenge was increased with a very short turnaround and difficult collection of works. Most were small pieces, but one was very large. Our focus was to group the works and create the sense of one, unified – and beautiful – collection. Working closely with Matthew, we created a visual hierarchy for the works.

We then developed one single ratio that would ground the works in space. This grounding was made more emphatic with a secondary colour – we chose ‘Living Room Green’, from Everyday Needs Colour. This solution, although quite complex, appears simple and effortless – working hard not to detract from the works themselves and the collection as a whole. For specimens we developed custom vitrines – an elegant and beautiful solution that suited the context of the show. They too were painted in ‘Living Room Green’ to unify the specimens with the wall hung pieces.