Arnoldino Stools

38cm base x 31cm height x 28cm seat

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RRP per Arnoldino stool is $190NZD incl. GST

Martino Gamper is a designer based in London. Arnold Circus is situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Built on the rubble of the old slums it is part of the Boundary Estate, London’s first social housing project, and houses an eight sided bandstand. The Arnold Circus Stool was designed in 2006 by Martino Gamper as part of a regeneration project. The rotation moulded polyethylene plastic stools are used as the official seating for all annual events held at Arnold Circus which include picnics, brass band concerts and board game tournaments.

Katie Lockhart Studio is proud to produce a new generation of Martino’s Circus Stools, made in New Zealand for the first time. This new mould is slightly larger than it’s predecessor, with a roomier seating area on the top and a more robust edge. The design is still as light and versatile, but is now available in a brand new range of exclusive colours. Please note that due to the rotation moulding process used, slight surface imperfections may be evident. Made in NZ from 100% recyclable polyethylene plastic.

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Important: You must order two of each of the colours that you want as they are made in pairs.

Orders are cut off on the 20th of each month with delivery within a 3 week turnaround.

Orders are shipped directly from our manufacturer. Packing and shipping costs will be itemised on the invoice.

Arnold Circus Speckle Stool

Arnold Circus Classic Stool

Arnoldino Stool

Chalk — Arnoldino Stool

French Grey — Arnoldino Stool

Orange — Arnoldino Stool

Sage — Arnoldino Stool

Khaki — Arnoldino Stool

Navy — Arnoldino Stool

Dark Gray — Arnoldino Stool

Yellow — Arnoldino Stool

Boat Blue — Arnoldino Stool

Bright Green — Arnoldino Stool